How to take a good photograph of your home

I love drawing with pen and ink.If you enjoy the work seen here, why not commission me to draw your home? I work from photographs which you will take. Here’s how to take a good clear photo for me to draw from.

1.Ideally take the photo on a sunny day, choose a time of day when the sun is in front or to the side of the house,include some shadows, they are interesting.Do not take the photo with the sun behind the building.

2. Look at the building from several angles ,decide which is most interesting, include a bit of road and garden, this helps with dynamic perspective, decide which you like and take the photo.

3. Think about which aspects of the building you particularly like, include these in the photo.

4.Why not include a person or pet, something to really personalise the picture.If a member of your family is always gardening, include them in the garden.

5.You can send several photographs, which we’ll discuss, so you’ll be confident that the finished drawing will included the features of your home that are important to you.

Happy snapping,


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