About me

Sarah Nelson

Following lockdown One, as a result of Covid 19, and not being able to sketch outside, I took a few photos of friends’ houses, drew them up and posted the results to my instagram account. There was unprecedented interest in these pen and ink drawings and I began to receive commissions to draw houses and business premises.

In my then unfinished studio, on a pile of plywood at the start of lockdown

‘Sketch a Street’ has been developed as a response to these initial drawings and serves as a vehicle to inspire and help facilitate new commissions as well as a portfolio for my other work. I hope you enjoy exploring the site, as much as I’ve enjoy putting it together. I look forward to hearing from you.

Oil recycling plant,Rye Harbour

“There is something lively and energetic about the fluid lines and accidental marks from an ink pen, its a perfect tool for capturing architecture and landscape

I discovered the power of lines and shape within a space during my BA in Theatre Design at The Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London. I worked in theatre and live TV before moving to the South East Coast in 2015.

Inspired by regular walks within the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, I began,in sketch books, trying to capture the wildness of the flat landscape through different types of mark making.Ink, applied with brush or pen had such an energetic and bold quality, it mirrored my feelings to the surroundings. I continue trying to develop these techniques.

Artists Statement

I love being creative, I try to work instinctively and quickly, keeping a controlled feeling of energy and not to overwork.

I can find inspiration absolutely anywhere from washing on a line to driving on a motor way and of course in architecture. Everything creates a shape and an interaction with the landscape. How a roof insects the sky, the swoop of a road. This creates drama, it’s exciting and this is what I aim to capture in my work and my practice as an artist.

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